CitiKitty Complete Cat Toilet Training Kit

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Cat Toilet Training Supply List

To toilet train your cat you need to get a few supplies in stock. We have divided this list into two categories - the must have's and nice to have's. Happy training!

Must Have's

  • CitiKitty - Simply the Best Cat Toilet Training Kit!CitiKitty Complete
    Cat Toilet Training Kit
    The key to toilet training your cat is having a good training seat to help your cat make the transition from litter box to toilet. CitiKitty's Toilet Training Kit comes with an easy-to-follow training guide and training tips and their training seat holds virtually any size cat. We have seen a few other training devices on the market but find they are either cheaply made and flimsy or are too expensive and demand your cat to learn in too few steps.

    The latest version of their training kit (shown above) comes with a training insert so you can move forward and backwards in the training process, train your cat on a new toilet, etc. The Training Insert also includes a 5th ring so you can start off the training even slower if necessary. Lastly, CitiKitty now includes catnip with the training kit which you can sprinkle in the training seat to aid your cat during the transition.

    There are people out there selling downloadable books or dvd's. They are essentially the instructions included with CitiKitty and don't include the material you need to toilet train your cat. They make it seem like you can train your cat simply from the information they provide but after you get the download they advise using a training device. Confusing! We've bought them so we know. We don't advise wasting your money on these so buyer beware!

    You can purchase CitiKitty here >> www.citikitty.com
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  • Flushable Litter - Some litter will fall into the toilet during training so getting a flushable litter can give you piece of mind. Our favorite is Better Way Flushable Cat Litter.
  • Cat Treats - Treats are a powerful way to encourage your cat through the training. Give your cat a treat immediately after they use the toilet or even just hop up there to play around. We recommend 100% natural treats such as Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes or Zukes Natural Purrz Cat Treats.

Nice to Have's

  • Cleaning Wipes - this makes it easy to clean up around the toilet during training. Regular cleaning wipes or baby wipes do the job.
  • Automatic Toilet Flusher - This is a great thing to have if you travel a lot. This way you can hit the road and your toilet will automatically flush every 24 hours while you are gone. TIP - We don't recommend installing a flushing device that your cat can set off while they are using the toilet - this might scare them. Technical Concepts has a great flusher that automatically flushes every 24 hours if your home or not.
  • Pet Fountain - Cat drink from the toilet? Most cats drink from the toilet because they like fresh cold water - sounds obvious now doesn't it? Treat them to a pet fountain - they'll love it. Don't worry about your cat drinking from the toilet after they use it, they are smart enough to know when and when not to.