CitiKitty Complete Cat Toilet Training Kit

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How to Toilet Train Your Cat

We know you don't need to hear the benefits of toilet training your cat - it's obvious isn't it? All the information you need to get your cat to use the toilet is on this site so look no further.

Toilet training your cat is not hard to do. It just requires time and patience and the right tools. During the toilet training process you will be molding your cats behavior and slowly transitioning them to using the toilet.

Training consists of placing a training seat on your toilet filled with a small amount of litter. After your cat has adapted you will cut a small hole in the center of the training seat and gradually make the hole larger and larger until it's completely open to the toilet. When this is complete your cat will have completely adapted to using the toilet and you will no longer need the training seat.

To begin the training you need to get a few things in stock.


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1 - Transition from Litterbox

Skip ahead to 'Step 2 - Begin the Training' if you are training a kitten or you are bringing a new cat home for the first time.

  • Move your cats litter box into bathroom (beside the toilet is ideal). If your cats litter box is currently located far from the bathroom you may want to do this in stages by moving your cats litter box closer to the bathroom every few days.
  • Once the litter box is beside the toilet raise the height of the litter box every few days - 2 inches at a time is good. You can do this by placing magazines, newspapers or boxes beneath the litter box (make sure it's sturdy). Raise the litter box as slowly or as quickly as your cat(s) can adapt to the change.

2 - Begin the Training

  • Put the CitiKitty Training Seat on your toilet and fill with flushable litter. Remove your old litter box from your cats environment. Leave the training seat on the toilet for a few days to allow your cat to adapt.
  • Once your cat is comfortable remove the first ring in the training seat. Some cats will be unfazed by the hole while others may take some time to adapt. Give your cat a few days to see how they are doing. If they fine with the transition move on to the next step. If they need to back-up or go slower in the training use the CitiKitty Training Insert to do so.
  • After your cat has used the training seat with the first ring removed for one week remove Ring Two.

3 - Continuing the Training

  • Continue removing one ring a week until your cat has adapted to the final ring.
  • If at any point your cat needs to back-up in the training put the CitiKitty Training Insert on the toilet to do so.
  • If you ever feel your cat needs a slower transition then CitiKitty's predefined steps then remove just a portion (1/4 - 1/2) of a ring at a time. This is one of the good features of CitiKitty - the training process is adaptable rather then set.
  • Once all the rings are removed from the training seat give your cat a few days to adapt and then remove CitiKitty Training Seat from the toilet. Keep the remaining CitiKitty Training Seat if you intend on having your cat use another toilet in the near future.

4 - Congrats!

  • Congratulations on toilet training your cat. Keep giving your cat plenty of treats and praise for using the toilet now and in the future.
  • Don't forget to share your success photos and videos with us.